An award-winning culture

Our people think differently and behave with a mindfulness and sense of spirit rarely found in business. We’re anything but typical in our industry, and that’s just the way we like it.

We commit everyday to cultivating a workplace culture that focuses on fun, energy and enthusiasm, which makes us not only great to work with, but great to work for. Our award-winning culture continues to attract the best and the brightest and we enjoy staff retention rates that are well in excess of industry standards.

Cobild has appeared in the Great Places to Work list for 8 consecutive years and achieved #3 ranking for 2023!

Healthy. Happy. Productive.

A healthy, happy team has an increased capacity for good decision-making, creative problem-solving and lateral thinking. This is good for us, but even better for you. We’re more engaged, more productive and more likely to remain consistent and committed to a project until it’s completed. So perhaps unexpectedly, mindfulness is a big part of our day-to-day operations and we preach (and practise) self-care and good mental health at every level. Our team are our business, so their physical and mental wellbeing are not just good for our brand – it ensures an enjoyable project for all.

Be part of this un—usual team

Are you going places in construction? We’re always on the lookout for un-typical team members. Send your resume and covering letter to:

[email protected]