Welcome to Cobild.
Not your typical.

We build, but we’re not your typical builders. We’re big-picture construction specialists with an eye for detail. We have boundless vision, energy and expertise. From multi-residential to commercial construction, fitouts and luxury homes, we challenge the status quo. We pioneer better ways to go about our work with a minimum of fuss, never stopping until we’ve delivered a project we can all be proud of (and maybe just show our mums).

We apply the same unique brand of thinking to Fit Out and Refurbishment. Take a look at some recent projects here. →

Not a client. A relationship for life.

We take a holistic, client-focussed approach to each new collaboration, exploring not only what you want to build but why you want to build it, so we can bring new ideas, insights and solutions to the table to help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

Our clients are like family to us – we work, play and grow together, celebrating our successes, sharing big ideas and building relationships that last a lifetime. From new referrals and recommendations to attracting the best recruits and maximising our own job satisfaction, it’s this commitment to connecting with people that is the foundation of our success.

In good company


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Delight in the detail

Over the past 30 years we’ve cultivated an uncommon obsession with design detail and craftsmanship. This has made us the builder of choice for some of Melbourne’s most respected developers, architects and designers, who want to deliver the best for owner occupiers and demanding businesses. They love us because our attention to detail and creative problem-solving practices are second-to-none. We love them because they allow us to deliver remarkable projects of exceptional quality.

Old school practicality meets new school smarts

One of the things that sets us apart is our diverse leadership. Our founder, Coby, is a respected industry professional with over 30 years’ experience building quality residential and commercial projects in and around Melbourne.

Rotem, our young, driven and energetic director, has a passion for innovation and new technology. In addition, he has a hands-on understanding of current trends and best practice.

Together they’re a bulletproof balance of Old School Practicality and New School Smarts, delivering the best of both worlds to clients and company culture.

The Coffee Test

‘Everything you need to know about a person you can read on their LinkedIn’ said no one ever.

Because we invest our heart and soul into each new project, and because we understand that enjoying your work is as much about the people you’re working with as it is about the job you do, we like to be discerning about who we collaborate with.

Referrals and repeat clients make up 90% of our new business, so before we commit to a partnership we take the time to sit down with prospective clients for a coffee and a chat, to find out if our core values and priorities align.

We call it the Coffee Test and if, like us, a client is detail-oriented, innovative and hard-working, with the highest expectations of both their team and the finished product, it might turn into lunch and, eventually, a relationship for life.